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CHromatic Patterns


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One of the biggest problems when dealing with the study of the neck in fretted instruments (guitars, bass, mandolins, etc ...) is the poor approach that is usually given to the relation between the intervals that make up the scales and chords, as well as the key to which they apply. 


There is a tendency for falling into monochromatic patterns and visual structures with notes that "theoretically" fit within the key, but that do not provide us with a way of understanding why each chord or each scale has its particular sound or color.


"Chromatic Patterns" offers an alternative vision to learning the keys and relationships between scales, chords and intervals.


Through colors and block structures that we will call "cells", we will visually delimit the neck in an organic way so we can learn in all tones their respective chromatic scales, in which we will include all the chords and scales that can mathematically fit those 12 notes (with some exceptions that will be expounded in other volumes).


Deepening our knowledge about the instrument we play will give us clarity and a better understanding when addressing the musical challenges that we will have to deal with. Whether you are a composer, performer, improviser or educator, you will find that as you move on these pages, many barriers will be broken when facing the study of the instrument and music, both in practice and in theory .


It is true that many times you will tend to look for shortcuts when it comes to practicing and learning, and that it will not be easy to familiarize you from the beginning with the diagrams of this book, but I assure you that with a bit of effort and study you will see everything much clearer and it will be of great help.


I hope these books help you make your music learning endeavour and artistic pursuit much lighter.

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