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vol.3 &

For 6 Strings Guitars,

5 Strings Basses and

4 Strings Basses

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Dot Pattern

Intervals and tonalities

Chromatic Patterns offers an alternative vision to learning the keys and relationships between scales, chords and intervals.

About Vol.1

All 4 notes chords and basic triads

6 basic triads and 35 different 4 notes chords. Each chord and every inversion will be represented on two pages. 

Copia de El toursito_edited_edited_edite

About Vol.2

Copia de El toursito-2_edited_edited.jpg

Scales and chord scale relationships

All tonal scales, all relationships with all the chords from Vol.1 and Vol.3, and all pentatonics relations from vol.3

About Vol.3

All cluster chords and all pentatonics

All 8 cluster chords and every inversion, and all 66 pentatonics and their "modes" and relations with chords from Vol.1 and Vol.3

Copia de El toursito-3_edited_edited.jpg

About Harmonics edition

Harm 5.PNG

A chromatic patterns' view on harmonics

Analysis of notes and degrees within the natural harmonics of the instrument

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